Hi all, we are happy to announce the release of Tabbles 3.0.31, with several bug fixes and, due to popular demand, the new “very compact view“. This is a new view that closely resembles the “list view” offered by Window’s File Explorer. The file icons are now much smaller. Here is a screenshot:

tabbles very compact 1
In case you are wondering, the tabbles themselves have not been scaled down because the small overlay ball — which opens the “combinable subtabbles” menu — would become too difficult to click. See this screenshot to see what we mean:
tabbles very compact  2
The small grey ball opens the list of child tabbles that can be combined with the currently open tabbles. A very important feature!

This new version also contains several bugfixes (see the changelog). As a result, Tabbles should be very stable now, and we are about to remove the “beta” flag.

In other news, we made a new version of the video tutorial to create a Tabbles database on your local Sql Server. Have a look at it, if you are still using the Cloud option. We are going to focus more on video tutorials from now on. So stay tuned!

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