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Hello there!

Thanks for your message and welcome to the forum! 🙂
FYI, we’re giving the GUI a low priority now as we’re working on a client-server version of Tabbles allowing the users to share their tagging in intranet, like a real DMS (cool, isn’t it?) 🙂
Let me go through your post:

"bwiersig" wrote:
1. Single click Tabbles (I normally use single click windows explorer)

Uh… maybe an option to do that? This sounds an extremely power-user feature anyway… can’t you configure your mouse to do that automatically instead?

"bwiersig" wrote:
2. Del key deletes things (rather then having to go to the Delete button in the menu)

yes… this is on our to-do list

"bwiersig" wrote:
3. Undo feature

yes… this is also on our to-do list

"bwiersig" wrote:
4. Be able to apply subtraction automatically on certain extensions (i.e. temp files)

Uh, first time we hear this too… :O
There is a (partial) workaround for this already: when you create an auto-tagging rule (which is the best way to use Tabbles) you can tell Tabbles "not to tag the file/folder" if the name contains a certain word". You could use this to exclude the folders that contain the name "temp". To create such rule go to Options > Auto-tagging rules > New.

"bwiersig" wrote:
5. Create a more complete standard of tables for extensions.

(For example:
mp3, mod, mid, wav, wma, ogg, mp4a should all be assigned an AUDIO/MUSIC tabble,
avi, ogm, mkv, wmv, mp4, mov, etc should all be assigned to VIDEO tabble
Common Microsoft docs should all be assigned to DOCUMENT tabble)

I know some users will want to create their own or alter the defaults but i find it frustrating to have to create these.

Very interesting stuff here – listen up to this: the business version of Tabbles includes the functions Export database structure and Replace database structure (they are under File > Tabbles’ database). Those two functions do respectively export and import the skeleton of the db along with the rules, not including any of the data (the files, folders and urls). This means that you can create a set of rules for all the file types/names you want, then export it into an small xml file, pass it to to other people who can import it and have all those rules into their Tabbles database. More precisely the export db function does export the tabbles, the color groups and the rules.

Why did we do this?
cause different people have different needs: imagine people editing videos or photographers, they’d need auto-tagging with file types and patterns that could only annoy a lawyer or a journalist.
cause we had people like you in mind: we’re aware that creating complex rules is a time-consuming and it’s a power-user kind of feature, therefore we figured that an IT expert could it once and send it over to all of his customers/colleagues.
Smart, isn’t it? :mrgreen: :ugeek:

This feature is also enabled in the free version, so you could test-drive it and see what it can do for you with spending a penny on it.

(btw, if we’re talking about large numbers, we could even automate this process…meaning that your customers would automatically get a certain default database…)

"bwiersig" wrote:
MANY MORE features desired as I will testing TABBLES pretty extensively to see if it would benefit non-power users.
Many of the users I support need all the help they can get just to find the file they saved recently.
I’ve spent hours with them showing them how to use folders but still they lose track of their precious files.

We’d love to hear more about the people you support. This file-management issue is exactly the reason why we created Tabbles in the first place. I could also point you to a couple of happy reviews we got recently from real users (i.e. not people we paid or we pointed a gun to in order to write a review… 😀 ), respectively a photographer and a translator. It would also be interesting for us to know if the client-server feature could be interesting for your users… Please pm me and maybe we can talk via phone/skype?



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