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Hi again,

both the tabbles and the category fonts can also be customized: you can’t modify them in the software, you have to manually edit an xml file containing the structure of the default database…you don’t wanna do that right now, let me have a list of the categories/colors that you need, and I’ll make the with a larger font.

In the meanwhile, I’d suggest you to check this out: from the main toolbar, click on Tabbles view > Spatial, this mode will allow you to freely move tabbles on the screen. I’d suggest you try this and then you try grouping the tabbles in a way where the tabbles you need more often are in the upper left of the screen: this way you’ll be able to keep them zoomed to a level that looks close to Arial 30 to me, while having at least 12-16 of them confortably on screen. Looking forward to hearing if that word for you.

P.S.: I’m a big fan of Marcus Orlovsky, the founder of , do you know him or the company?

My best regards,


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