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Thanks a lot for the input everyone! 🙂
I had a brief chat with Maurizio about the topic – I’m summarizing the outcome:

It seems to us that you’re asking for a super-compact view mode. The view mode we’re working on right now (single column view) is meant to help the people who have files with long names as JFW has pointed out. In reality it’s not the first time we hear we’re aware of a lot of people who need to categorize documents/publications/PDF who typically have very long names.

A more compact single column view (with a smaller icon and basically nothing else than the filename) would also be relatively easy to implement, but the fact is that what we’re working on right will (hopefully) be ok for most people… so would you please give it a try for a few days and then let us know? :geek: 😉 🙂

The "column view" is a different story: that would take longer to implement, will need more testing and we doubt that it can do a lot more than what we’re working on right now – we know that you’re use to it but we believe that there is not much apart from abitude that is tying you to this view… :ugeek:

Summarizing: please give our upcoming compact view a chance and then give us some more feedback later on, ok?


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