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Hello hello!

we’re not sleeping, don’t worry 🙂
The latest modifications for the German language have been pasted into the appropriate files… but which are the appropriate files?

Introducing a .resx

The appropriate files are the .resx files…and WTF is a .resx?

– A .resx is a Visual Studio resource file that contains information for the localization.
– You can manage a .resx using several different tools, my favourite is, a free open-source tool that you can download from here: Zeta resource editor

How to use Zeta Resource editor:
1) Create a project and name it "My dog loves my cat, non-platonically", or maybe just "Tabbles" :mrgreen:
2) Right click on the project file and add the .resx files to it
3) The empty strings are in yellow, use the sort and the search functions to find your strings

The latest .resx (from today) are attached!


* I would like to help by translating a new language: how do I add a new language to the .resx?
-> post something here or PM me: we’ll provide you with all you need (a drafted translation done with

* Ok, and what do I get if I translate your silly software into my fancy language (i.e. Crimean Gothic)
-> you get the fanciest thing you can get from us, which is a license for Tabbles Business. Optionally you can also request a signed picture from the whole Tabbles’ team dressed up as the Village People guys.

* Where is the old and sweet .xls file gone and why do I need to install this crazy software from Zeta Reticuli?
-> The .xls was meant as a middle-format in order to have the translation drafted by Google Translate… and this is still feasable, just post here or PM if you want to translate the software in your favourite language. If you just want to fix the current language, please install Zeta resource editor.

That’s all folks! :mrgreen:

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