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hello there and welcome to the forum! 🙂

"Starz" wrote: I’m a new user and poster… so if this is already in the product…sorry.

1)I’d really like to see the use of Metadata to help tag or suggest tagging. By having an option that will pull Metadata out of files and populate the tag list (or maybe a subset metatabble list 🙂 ) would really move this into the personal DMS space. So far so good though…

2) Put links to Tabbles and Tabbles Support in the Help menu

I reserve the right to make 3 more of these 😆

1) we know my friend, we know… this is also on the to-do list… but not so high though

2) well, there is something already… but good hint, I’m noting this down 😀

Looking forward for the next 3 :mrgreen:

– did you try the 1.4.10beta2?


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