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"Jfw" wrote: Well the auto-tagging feature might help… but I am still convinced that keeping track of copies might be usefull (maybe as an option ?)

We’ll think of it

"Jfw" wrote:
For the last one:
I see tables auto-detects the drives (for ex c: and d:). Clicking on the drives allows me to browse the content.
I tag a file "a.xls" on the C: drive as "Invoice" and if I tag a file "b.xls" on the drive as "Invoice" as well.

If I want to retrive this file I can use tables and look for the "invoice" tag. I will then have "c:a.xls" and "d:b.xls"
To have only the a.xls file I tried to combine "Invoice" and the "c:-drive" tag. I then surprisingly got "no files fiound" message…

Sure, now I get you: this is indeed a limitation, thanks for pointing this out.
The reason is that the "Tabble disc" is technically a "Tabble folder" – it’s nothing else then a link to the real folder and it doesn’t know what is inside its subfolders.
So basically, if you have some files tagged in the root of C: they will show when you combine C: with their tabbles.

What we’re gonna do about this is to disallow the user to combine the tabble drive with a normal tabble.

Anyway this problem will be solved as soon as we’re gonna have the tagging rules (the feature I describe in the blog, a beta should be out this week). Then you’ll be able to set a rule like "all the files inside C: and its subfolders have to go into the tabble named ‘mys stuff in C’". Of course you can also create several rules that will automatically tag (and listen) to some selected folders: this way you won’t have the whole Windows installation tagged.

Makes sens? 🙂



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