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Hi Again,

I think the best way to implement it would be to have a view that shows the different versions. That way you only seem them when you are looking for them.

What you mean with a "a view that shows the different versions"? Do you want to see all the versions at once in the same panel?

we’re thinking of having a special tabble named "version" where inside the tabble you see the version number. The user will manually go one version up, and when this happens Tabbles will make a backup copy of the file.
Then we need a little dialog where the user can choose which version of the file he wants to open.

Does it look good enough for you?

I am talking about actually storing the data in the DB. That way your word file, etc is stored as an object in the database. Then tabbles becomes the true system for storing all objects in the database. When you back up data then you would have one central file to back up. It also means it is harder to lose the files since they are in one place. Right now you can break a link by just moving the file in tabbles.

as we are writing, we are working out a solution to prevent the problem that when you move files (using windows explorer) Tabbles can’t find them anymore. In order to do this we’re implementing a windows service (a demon) that will keep track of all the files that are moved on the hard drive.

As for saving all the files into the db, it would be a huge job, have a lot of downsides and we don’t really see the need of it. What would happen when an application needs to save a file?
I think it’s much easier to hook-up with the windows file system, right now Tabbles doesn’t really do it.

Best regards and thanks for your input! 🙂


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