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Hi again,

"spamname" wrote:
First of all, I viewed your auto-tagging ‘blog’. I think that’s great. (It will force me to rename my folders in a sensible way).

No, why? 🙂
you hopefully won’t need that… the auto-tagging rules can be created by drag’n’dropping a folder into one or more tabbles…

"spamname" wrote:

Another suggestion: If you select multiple files and request auto-tagging, you can also look for common words and pop up a box for user fine turning.

1. Home Finances.mdb
2. Home ToDo.txt
3. Home Shopping List.txt

Ok, we are planning to make it user define-able, meaning that the user can create a rule like: "if in the folder ‘c:something’ AND the file name contains ‘home’, then link all the files in the folder to these tabbles".

Your request makes some sense indeed… :mrgreen:

Thanks for the contribution! btw, did you try the 1.2beta1 already?

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