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First Look at 1.3.0

To download Tabbles 1.3.0 go here. (both 32 and 64-bit versions)
To download a quick command reference go here or find it on the Wiki here.

If you haven’t used Tabbles before:

Browse around at Andrea has put together a great page on how and what the program can do for you. Were I to try and compress it into a single sentance; Tabbles is my everything tagging document/picture/link/file manager/organizer/finder idea generator. (left a few things out cuz I was running out of breath there…)

You can create just about any system of tagging/file management you can think of and it’s unlikely you’ll do it the same way twice.

If you have used Tabbles before:

The step between ver 1.2.0 is huge; Lightened file window, the unlink panel became the twin of the quick link panel, menu bar/button/right click commands were refined a bit. The file window lost the menu button (duplicated file menu cmds). A huge update is that the link and unlink panels now show the filename and linked tabbles of the file you’re working with! (only when a single file is selected) I imagine there will be many more improvements to the link and unlink panels in future releases and this upgrade is an excellent start on that.

The big story was the addition of auto-tagging rules! (under edit menu) The user can now define how a file is tagged based on it’s location, filename or even filetype. Explorer integration has continued to be expanded and besides the ability to right click tag a file in explorer you can locate the file in Tabbles. (and vice-versa) Additionally, when moving files in explorer Tabbles will pop-up to ask if you want to work more with the file’s tabbles and rules.

The auto-tagging rules feature has been improved and refined well since it showed up in the beta release and from the beginning it was a powerhouse of a feature. Future improvements will take it from merely awesome to brilliant.

As always, the interface remains beautiful and fast. The search boxes in the main window or file window are lightning fast and screen re-draws are pretty snappy. The program uses a bit of RAM, but considering all it’s doing it isn’t too bad.

Maurizio has put out another excellent release. (be sure to toss some karma his way.)

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