(I know I should be blogging about interesting stuff… that’s coming too… soon 🙂 )

Anyway, you can now also use regular expressions to auto-tag files/folders with Tabbles… quite a feature, isn’t it? You can for example use them to match all the files with a certain extension (.pdf, .doc… etc) or files with names following a certain patterns (like the pics coming out of a digital camera…) – the possibilities are really a lot here!

We put together this little page on our wiki where everyone can contribute with useful regular expressions so that the rest of the world can benefit from it! So far we have those:

Working regular expression
Expression Effects Author
.*.avi$|.*.mov$|.*.mpg$ matches .avi OR .mov OR .mpg Andrea
.*.(?:doc|pdf|chm|ppt|xls|rtf|docx|xlsx)$ matches .doc OR .pdf etc Renincuente
.*b3xddb.* matches “season 3” (e.g. *3×01*,*3×01* etc) Maurizio
(?>.*.)(?!(?:dll|cfg)$).*$ EXCLUDES .dll and .cfg files. Matches all the others Renincuente


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