A small step for humanity but one more quite large step for us!!! 😀



1) We’ve created a github space and uploaded there our first little open source project, the Directory Scan Plugin. The plugin doesn’t really do much at the moment… it can actually mess your Tabbles’ db as it creates a bunch of tabbles automatically so wait before you try and use it! We released it mostly as a first guideline for 3rd party developers (read: people like you who can write C# and are willing to write some) and we hope it will grow fast! 🙂

The compiled plugin can be downloaded from our brand new plugin page. The plugin is currently released as LGPL 2.1.



2)  We’ve created a first version of the the documentation which will grow in time, it’s on our wiki.



We hope this is the beginning of a new page for Tabbles and this API will become a GREAT SUCCESS!

Great success :D

Thanks from the Tabbles team!