Tabbles 3.1.25 is out: support for Windows 10, major bugfixes

Hello everybody, we are glad to announce that a new version of Tabbles, 3.1.25, is finally here. It contains support for Windows 10 and some major bug fixes. In particular, it fixes some annoying problems you had when using Explorer in some situations, and some crashes which were apparently not uncommon on many machines. Read more at our changelog. We [...]

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Troubleshooting “There are two Windows users using this Tabbles user”

Sometimes, while using Tabbles, you might get this license violation message: To remove this message, first you have to understand the difference between a Windows username and a Tabbles username. Understanding your Windows and Tabbles usernames Your Windows username is the thing you type here when you login to Windows: Sometimes Windows does not ask you your Windows username, but only your Windows password: [...]

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How to troubleshoot “Error connecting to database”

Hi all, this is another commonly asked question. Whether you use Tabbles Lan or Tabbles Cloud, it is possible that you may encounter this problem when trying to login: If you have a Tabbles environment with multiple machines, this message may appear only one some of your machines (those where Sql Server is not installed). This howto will help you in this case [...]

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What to do if you get “Error connecting to database” when creating a user

Hi all, this is a frequently asked question. Sometimes, when trying to set up Tabbles Lan, the "create database" button succeeds, but then you try the "create user" button and you get "Error connecting to database": In this case, the reason is almost certainly that you did not enable Sql Authentication in your Sql Server installation. (Windows authentication only allows you to [...]

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Tabbles 3.1.24 is out with improved thumbnails and Outlook support

Dear Tabbles users and followers, we are happy to announce the release of Tabbles 3.1.24, containing a major new feature and major bugfixes. The major new feature is the new thumbnail system: Tabbles now shows thumbnails for any kind of file (.avi, .pdf, .mp3, .mp4, etc.) that also has a thumbnail in Windows File Explorer. This helps locating the right [...]

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HOW-TO: What to do if you replace your hard drive and your files have a “disconnected” icon

Hello everybody, Maurizio here. We got a few requests for a how-to on this situation: sometimes, after you replace your hard drive (and therefore copy the files from the old to the new drive), even if you pay attention to preserve the original file paths on the new drive, you see that the files (or the folders) start having this [...]

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Pushdo: how we are mitigating the DDOS attack

HELLO WORLD,   If you're reading this, chances are you heard about Pushdo already. For the (lucky) rest of you, If your site starts using incredible many CPU resources and bandwidth, possible resulting in your hosting suspending your website or your web server becoming unusable, chances as you're victim of a Pushdo attack (which of course is what is happening to this website as we speak). Without [...]

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3.1.11: Support for alternate file managers, usability improvements, speedups, and bugfixes

Hi all, Today we published a new Tabbles release (3.1.11) with some interesting new features. First, we have good news for users of file managers other than Explorer (like Total Commander, xplorer2, Directory Opus): you can now move and rename files with alternate file managers without losing tags. You achieve this by means of the new context-menu verbs. For example, [...]

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More bugfixes in synchronization

Today is bugfix day... you may have noticed a sequence of new releases during the day. In particular, Cloud users have been forced to update a few times today. Apologies for that. The releases were meant to fix bugs and crashes in synchronization. In particular, there were crashes moving and renaming files (probably only for files in a synchronized folder, [...]

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