Tabbles 4.1 is out with huge speed improvements

Hello everyone! After months of rewriting, we are proud to announce the release of Tabbles 4.1, with a completely rewritten engine. The result is a huge speed improvement (Tabbles is now 3-10 times faster). If you frequently had timeout errors, now you should not have them anymore. This is big news for some customers who had a huge number of [...]

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Tabbles 4.0.27 brings major fixes and features

Dear Tabbles followers, we are glad to announce the release of Tabbles 4.0.27, which fixes major bugs and brings us very close to getting out of beta. This update took us a couple of months, especially because we had to do an architectural change to the Sql engine. Let me start with the bug fixes: First, for about a month, [...]

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What to do if Tabbles Local does not work on your machine

Hi guys, we finally found out why Tabbles Local does not work on some machines (meaning that it crashes or gives an error message when you press the "Go" button). The culprit seems to be the software "Ad-Aware" or "WebCompanion" from Lavasoft, or in general any product that installs LavasoftTcpService.dll and LavasoftTcpService64.dll in your Windows folders. You should uninstall this software [...]

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New: Chrome extension to tag bookmarks

Hi guys, here is another step towards the release of Tabbles 4. We just released a Chrome extension which allows you to tag bookmark with Tabbles. Here is the link to download. Here is how it works: you just bookmark a site in Chrome as usual, by clicking the star, and Tabbles' "quick-tag" window will come up. As a result, [...]

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Tabbles runs on LocalDB

HELLO WORLD Microsoft SQL LocalDB is a minimal version of Microsoft SQL Server,meant to provide a fully fledged SQL database without the pain of installing and configure an SQL Server. The installer of LocalDB is as straightforward as it can get, and the setup is truly minimal. This is what you need to get Tabbles (or any other application running [...]

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Tabbles 4 beta 2 is out

Hi everybody, we are glad to announce the release of the second beta of Tabbles 4. I remind you that Tabbles 4 offers: a new GUI (the combinable tags are shown in their own tree), some major improvements and bugfixes when working with network drives, some usability enhancements such as "copy tabbles" and "paste tabbles", some major improvements for collaborative [...]

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Important: update to 3.1.28

We've had issues with our hosting, so the Cloud version is not working with version 3.1.26 and below. Please install the 3.1.28 from our download page, to have the Cloud database to work again. Update to 3.1.28 now!   Apologies for the inconvenience!!!

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Registration page working again

[:en]HELLO WORLD, in the past few days, our registration page wasn't working. This was due to two separated issues, both solved today: 1) Our .aspx host Databasemart did move our website, so we had to update a couple links. 2) While investigating this, we realized that Mandrillapp (that we were using to send registration emails) stopped work, so after reading [...]

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