ok guys, I admit I’m recycling from the forum here, but since I wrote a looong post there, I’m trying to summarize the thing a bit here 🙂

Auto-tagging wizard

The idea behind this is to help the user (presumably at his first installation) to categorize his files/folders based on his folder structure and file names (no, we’re not going into the files… at least not yet).

Shortly, the wizard will work in 2 steps/layers

1) the user will tell Tabbles “look a this folder, create a tabble named after it and put the whole folder’s content into that tabble“. This would work whenever there are folders with a meaningful names, anything like “Documents“, “Projects“, “2008” or “Customer Smith” would work fine.

2) When the user has already pointed out his meaningful folders (and some tabbles have been created after them), then Tabbles will go through all the files and folders contained into the folders listed above, parse (read) the names and assign files and folders to those tabbles whose names (or partial names) match with the file/folder name.
E.g.: if a file is named “invoice_smith.2008.pdf” it will be placed into the tabbles “Customer Smith” as well as “2008”, no matter where it is (as long as it’s in a folder that Tabbles is looking into).

Sounds messy? Well, if you have some folder structure this should work ok – ok doesn’t mean perfect, but hopefully it should help getting things sorted a bit, and I bet 1â?¬  that you’ll be surprised of how much serendipity you can get out of this.
The wizard will open by default the first time Tabbles is launched, but the user will be able to open it again whenever needed.

Read the whole story on our forum.

Hierarchical tabbles

Hierarchical tabbles mean: being able to put a tabble into another, as you do with folders.
This matter has been discussed maaaany times before. It took us a while to get convinced (special thanks to mrdna here! :-D) but we finally found a good recipe of reasons, technology and GUI, so here we go.

Read more here, check the discussion here, and check this impromptu mockups from rasty.g here.

That’s all folk! 😀