this will be  a lazy update… the reason is that the last days were particularly hectic. Let me try and sum it up:

  • On Friday we were featured on GOTD.
  • Re-installed (read: fought with) phpbb, but now it works fine and has a lot of cool new things, including the much needed open-id mod (which now works like a charm!). I’m planning a blog post about phpbb: I’m not an expert but for sure there is a lot I know that is worth sharing 🙂
  • Just released the 1.5.9 including Polish (and I just received the Hungarian translation too…will be in the next update).
  • Quite a few things fixed/improved in the tabble sharing features
  • We sold the first Corporate licenses! Yes – it came as a surprise to us too!!! (The Corporate license will include the tabble sharing features…which is not there yet!)
  • Something REALLY cool: Don Syme (the man behind F#) wrote a blog post about Tabbles!

Well, as I’m here, let me share some more visual stuff:




Ok, now look at our GOTD peak here:


look at our peak on the giveawayoftheday promotion!




Look at how sexy is our yahoo pipe (subscribe to RSS)

Tabbles yahoo-pipe, we use it to aggregate all our feeds
Tabbles yahoo-pipe, we use it to aggregate all our feeds




And finally, I just sketched this:

Tabbles new tag-line...or something

Tabbles new tag-line...or something. You like it? 😉



P.S.: on a sad note, I’m stuck with the error 0x80004005 whil trying to let people browse  shared folder on my Windows Server 2008 (sp2). Looks like there is no way out… anyone? :-O

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