(this is a boring post about an update – I’m working on a more interesting post about enterpreneurship and Microsoft…stay tuned)

While this is a minor release, there are a couple nice things we added:

— the uninstall shortcut in the start menu (a big step for us, a small step for humanity :mrgreen: )
— the “+” next to combinable tabbles, both in the body and in the tree (in the tree it replaces the circles). The “+” in the body was needed to separate the children-tabbles from the truly combinable once (Kudos to Maurizio for the idea!). Please give us feedback on this: do you understand it easily? is it easy to be seen?
— improved FileSystemWatcher functions: we have mixed reports on this, it seems that Tabbles performs better in tracking file movements (i.e. you can move a big file such as a movie and Tabbles will understand it).
— a lot of bug-fixing, including all the bugs due to problems with upgrading (read below)

Discuss on our forum and have a look at Tabbles 1.4.9 below:

Tabbles, version 1.4.9, virtual file system, virtual folders, file tagging.


Andrea + Maurizio

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  1. nefycee February 17, 2010 at 12:18 am

    What a waste of webspace
    Really boring, you were right xD

    But I like the new “+” 🙂

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