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    • Andrea
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      yes, guys: it’s about a dll from Microsoft which has the same version number even if the file is different…

      DAMN! 👿

      We’re working to fix it. Until then, here’s the workaround:

      1) manually uninstall Tabbles (from the Control Panel > Add/Remove application)

      2) reinstall it

      this will do!



    • Andrea
      Post count: 960

      Ok, guys, finger crossed, but looks like we solved our updating issues forever.

      For the geeks: the solution is here.

      The problem: windows installer wasn’t (for sure) overwriting the file fsharp.core.dll cause the version number was the same, and maybe it wasn’t overwriting some other stuff too.

      The solution: editing the the installer.msi with orca.

      We did a couple of tests and it seems to work.

      but fingers crossed :geek:

      (wow, strong emotions going on here :mrgreen: )


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