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    • Andrea
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      Hello ladies and gentlemen,

      for those who didn’t notice, there is a niiiiiiice new manual on the wiki. Any feedback is more than welcome! :mrgreen:

      Misc info about the wiki:
      – If you want to edit it you can log-in with the same user/pass as in the forum (yes, it’s 100% integrated with it! 😀 )
      file upload is disabled: the reason is that mediawiki stores all the uploaded files into the mysql database, and we don’t want that for many different reasons. If you want to upload a pic, you can both link it from another website or upload it on the forum first and then link it from here (to achieved that you have to do a little trick described here)
      feel free to write whatever you feel like on the wiki (as long as legal/moral and preferably related to Tabbles :mrgreen: ). Currently I’ve locked-for-editing the manual and the main page, but on request I can grant you permission to edit those ones too.

      Love and peace,


    • Avatar photonefycee
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      And the german section is online too 😆

    • Avatar photostaley
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      Great this will be a great help! Since I am a web developer and already live in my browser. (Cramp at times but what’s a guy to do? lol jk jk)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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