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      Hello world!
      It has been a while… I know 🙂

      We’ve just released the 1.4.9 a little pic here:

      – while this is a minor release, there are a couple nice things we added:

      — the uninstall shortcut in the start menu (a big step for us, a small step for humanity :mrgreen: )
      — the "+" next to combinable tabbles, both in the body and in the tree (in the tree it replaces the circles). The "+" in the body was needed to separate the children-tabbles from the truly combinable once (Kudos to Maurizio for the idea!). Please give us feedback on this: do you understand it easily? is it easy to be seen?
      improved FileSystemWatcher functions: we have mixed reports on this, it seems that Tabbles performs better in tracking file movements (i.e. you can move a big file such as a movie and Tabbles will understand it).
      — a lot of bug-fixing, including all the bugs due to problems with upgrading (read below)

      Recently we received a number of bug reports which were due to problems with upgrading. We applied the most straightforward solution which came to our mind, but this solution will require you to manually uninstall the previous version each time you update. At the same time we (finally!) added the uninstall button to the start menu, so you won’t need to perform a triple somersault to uninstall it… well, we know this is a bit annoying, but let’s see if it poses a real problem – if it does we’ll try and sort something out.

      P.S.: the resx are already at the usual spot

      P.P.S.: as you might have noticed, we changed the serial number system and therefore we’re replacing all the serial numbers: all of you listening, please PM/email and I’ll send you the serials you need according to your licenses. We apologize for the issue, and we promise it won’t happen again… 🙂 :ugeek: 😳 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      Enjoy guys!

      A + M

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