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    I have been trying to fix the problem by re-installing several times, trying to run it many times, then trying to find a solution in your forums, all to no avail. Am about to give up.
    This is the error notation I found in MS error reporting thing-
    Event Type : clr20r3 P1 :tabbles.exe P2 :1.5.70 P3 :4c374c4a P4:system P5: P6:4ba1dff4 P7:2fd6 P8:2a9 P9:system.componentmodel.win32

    No idea if this will help you or not. I also blocked it from automatically coming on at bootup, as I only intend to use it for Images folder and 3D objects folder. Is that probably why it won’t come on when I double-click it’s icon? But why have an icon to click then, is what I’m thinking. So one must be normally able to click it on. I haven’t yet been able to register that GOTD code into it, as I can’t make it run yet. 1st I thought I had it installed when it had even restarted my PC after running setup, but later couldn’t find it anywhere in my PC, then found out it was NOT installed yet & ran the setup file in the temporary folder, still didn’t run nor get an icon, & couldn’t find it anywhere in my PC, so I ran the 2nd setup msi file. Ok, seemed installed, got an icon, but it wouldn’t run & I got the error & it shut down. Reinstalled it, ran the 2 setup files in temp folder, still got error when I try to run using the icon.
    I’m so sorry I have a problem! I have tried. Wish I could give you a better idea of what the problem actually is. Also, what do I do now about registration? It’s after 12 am here now.Thanks very much. Skye-hook [email protected]
    or you can put solution on GOTD comments if it’s a verbal answer.

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