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    Hey, just thought I would jump in here with another request. Not a huge problem, but still worth mentioning. I’ve been messing around with "Ignored locations" in the Auto-tagging feature. I’m really happy that there is such a function, but I think it could be more effective (for my use anyway 😉 )

    I have a lot of locations that I don’t want Tabbles to touch. It can be really annoying if I’m copying a large amount of files to my "Tabbles-harddrive" and it starts tagging things. That’s where ignored locations is a great asset. However, it’s kind of messy if you have more than 4-5 ignored locations. I have a pretty complex filesystem and when I need to set 4-5 harddrives + a large set of subfolders of one specific harddrive as ignored, it’s going to take som time.
    To set a single ignored location I need to press "New", find the location to be ignored, select it and press OK. Now, if I want add another folder, I would have to do the entire process again. This folder can often be 3-4 folders deep, so it’s pretty tedious having to dig that deep down several times in a row. Also, the list of ignored locations also gets pretty messy and unruly if you have more than a few locations ignored.

    It would be great if you could give us a view of our entire computer and just let us check of the folders we want ignored. I’ve seen this done in several of my favorite softwares.
    It would look more professional and tidy. It would also give the ignored location-feature a lot more flexibility, usability and efficiency.

    Just a side note: I’ve also been using the search function a bit and it’s really great. It’s nice to see a program that doesn’t show me more or less than what I want to see. It’s really easy to find excactly what I’m looking for. Also it’s fast, which is nice. 😀

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