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    It would be great if it would be possible to rearrange the order of tags manually into a custom order. I tag the files as “pictures”, month (“january”, february”…) and year (“2015”, “2016”, “2017”…) because my wife makes calendars and photo books per year and in chronological order.

    As it is now the month april is on top of the list, then comes august and so on.

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    Hi there,

    thanks for the contribution. This feature would add too much complication in our code and in the GUI too.

    The easiest workaround is that you in nest all the months under the tag “Months” and then you rename them to:

    • 01_January
    • 02_February


    And the same for all the tags where you need a sorting that is different than alphabetical (which are probably very few).

  • AvatareTaurus
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    That’s a pity but I think I can live with it.

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