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  • NaNan
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    I have feww questions on using Tabbles.

    1.I have 4 computers(Desktop and Laptop) at home and all of them are connected through network, what I want to do is install Tabbles on all 4 computers but want to use just 1 database so that I can manage all 4 computer’s contents(those files I taged previously..) in one place.(Dsktop or Laptop). Will this be possible? then What license do I need? Home,Buseniss,Corperate….???

    2. How should i tag Outlok massage to Tabbles? Do I have to install plug-ins?
    Plese tell me step by step.

    3. I want to help update(the translation you have is outdated..) Tabbles’ interface to Korean. (Also, in the future, also want to update Tabbles’ manua; too.)
    So.. if you let me, I would like to update program’s translation and want to get free Tabbles 3 license in return.
    How this sound?

    If you can accept my offer, then please send me the necessary files to translate and explain how should /i do the translation


  • Andrea
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    1) you’ll need 4 home licenses
    2) the plugin is installed together with the software, you should have it already!
    3) please write me at andrea -at-



  • NaNan
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    I droped you an email.
    Please check. And Let me know!

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