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    • Wintermute
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      I want to be able to place a tabble inside of a tabble. Is this possible? For example I want to create a heiarchy for my files.
      So for example my company name is

      Marked Territory
      — Tax Records
      — Property 1
      —Tax Records
      — Property 2
      — Tax records

      Etc ETc. Does this make sense what I want to do, and how could I do it?

    • Maurizio
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      by reading your message, I am left wondering: why do you want to create a hierarchy of tabbles? What problem are you trying to solve? And why does a tabble hierarchy solve the problem? Could there be another solution to the problem which does not involve creating a hierarchy of tabbles?

      I’d like to be of help, but you will have to be more specific, and separate the problem from the solution.

    • Wintermute
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      The main reason it gives me a much cleaner desktop.
      It also allows me to keep all my business in a files in a cleaner hiarchy. I have the one default tabble for all my property grouped there, and then under the main heading I can create all the subtabbles.
      It is a way for me to keep everything tightly organized.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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