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  • Andrea
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    Hello everybody!

    Pirates are back again (this time with a working Keygen :O ). While this theoretically sucks, in reality it’s not that bad since we had a traffic spike again (which is the only thing we need more than money these days).

    Well, we don’t really mind a crack, but a keygen is a bit more of serious issue, therefore we probably need to do something about it.
    Doing something about it basically means using some obfuscator or some software that takes a piece of code and makes it very hard to reverse-engineer – any suggestions/comments would be highly appreciated!

    An interesting forum post here.



  • mrdna
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    Very interesting thread!

    Seems the vote-getters seem to be the USB-keyed systems and I can understand why. Does sound like it’s more about slowing down or isolating the crack so it’s not worth the time.

    What’s Maurizio think about this? From the thread it seems the regular options all have their strengths and weaknesses. Will have to read more before I’m qualified to comment on one or another… 🙂

  • Andrea
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    uh, a USB dongle key would be a no-go right now: the memories of the pain of dongle management are still too alive from my old job… :mrgreen:
    Plus a dongle key costs some 10$ a piece, it requires quite some development and it’s everything but secure… 😮 😳 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Me personally I’d go for a kick-ass obfuscator or for one of those tools that do "virtualize" a part of the code (this sounds like the smartest thing!) but this is 95% up to Maurizio as he’s the one he’s gonna fight with the tool/code/compiler, and some of those solutions might not work at all with the technologies we’re using (.net and/or F#).

    I’ll keep you guys posted by the way… :ugeek:

  • Andrea
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    The forum Joels on Software ROCKS – as usual!

    while looking for a solution to this keygen thingy, I started a thread on Joels on Software. One guy named Rui came out with a really smart concept, so smart and simple that we didn’t think of it first here and I express my ideas about the benefits of such approach here.

    Then conversation goes on, I get moved and can’t help showing our love to our community (that would you reading right now!): here. Of course I had to explain the concept using some capitalistic arguments, but I hope that the "love" comes out of my post :mrgreen: 😀 😳 :mrgreen: 😈

    peace and love,


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