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  • Andrea
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    Hello hello,

    since Tabbles was "keygened" recently, we decided to create a new (and smarter) serial number system. Tabbles will keep reading the old serials for a while more, but in a few weeks your current serials won’t work anymore…and then you will have to BUY a new license! :mrgreen: :ugeek:
    (did I scare you? … oh I didn’t… I guessed so…. :mrgreen: )

    Seriously: all of you who have legal licenses (whatever that means) please PM/email me and I’ll send you a new serial.

    Peace! 🙂


  • staley
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    What was the need for the new key licensing system overhaul?

  • staley
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    Grrr… Tabbles got "keygened"… this is what makes me the maddest… 👿 since this ends up moving a company one step closer to an internet/phone based activation system. (Which i hate, since it only really in the end punishes the legal users… the crooks will always find a way back in if they want to badly enough…) 😐

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