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  • Catachrest
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    Hi there,


    I’m getting a new laptop in a few days (yay!) and would like to move all of the files I’ve been tagging and the tabbles program over to the new computer.  Both are Windows 7 laptops and my files are sizable (a lot of scanned images and pdfs).   I’m generally comfortable in the Windows environment but find myself getting confused easily when I go into the Tabbles Help section, so I thought I should consult with those more tech-savvy than myself and avoid making stupid mistakes. 🙂

    What is the best way to do this so as not to lose the tabbles I’ve created and assigned?  I’ve looked at the help, but it seems to be more focused on moving files from location to location on the same system rather than from one computer to the other, if I’m understanding it right.

    I do have an external hard drive as well with space that could accommodate the files, and I’m thinking of moving them there to keep them portable.  Can I install Tabbles directly to the external drive and have it work with any computer I hook up to it?  Do I need a specific version of Tabbles for that to work, or for the Tabbles program to be installed on the computers?

    Is there anything that I should definitely avoid trying?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Andrea
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    Hello There!


    I believe that the the question you want to ask is: “Where is the Tabbles database and how do I move it” and the answer is  “in the Documents\Tabbles folder, just copy and paste it”.

    Basically just backup your Documents\Tabbles folder, keep it safe (it’s probably less than 2MB) and then restore the whole folder in your new pc. As long as all the files tagged are in the same drive(s) (let’s say: C:\ and D:\), than you should be good to go.



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