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    Thanks to Andrea being an extremely nice person a few days ago, i invested into the wonderful world of Tabbles.

    It takes a while to get used to and i only have 2 tabbles at the moment in my workspace. I think the problem as a new user you keep using the program like another file manager so you need to shift away from those ideas. Also i was thinking that i was creating shortcuts so i got a nice surprise when i deleted some files by mistake. Did a biggie of 19 GB of media files in a not being able to untag situation but managed to get them back ..phew!

    Here are my observations/suggestions so far.

    Be able to make the icons smaller. I’m finding them quite large at the moment but i guess they have to be to show some information. I just wouldn’t mind being able to reduce them a bit more.

    In the Auto-tagging editor when you have a folder specified in the rules and you select "Run rules now", you get the popup saying you need to select a folder before using auto-tagging function. I don’t really see why this should be the case as you have told the rule where look. Maybe it could be added in a future version that if the path / folder is specified then those rules will be run without the need to select a folder first as it can use the location you have specified in the rule.

    Anyway i’ll go off, play more with Tabbles and try not to delete more files by mistake 😆

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