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  • wwcanoer
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    Does Tabbles have (or is compatible with) any method of searching for and deleting duplicate files?  My ideal:

    1. Tag all files with all folder names in the file’s path.

    2. Search for duplicate files.

    3. For a group of exact duplicate files, copy all tags to all identical files.

    4. Delete the duplicate files

    5. Copy all remaining unique files to a new folder structure based on selected tags.

    For example, I have 3 identical copies of file “IndonesiaReport.doc” located in



    D: backup/CopyOfUSBdrive1/

    So, I would tag all copies of the file withtags: homework, SchoolWork, Gerography, Backup, CopyOfUSBdrive1

    Then Delete 2 of the three copies.

    (Then maybe cleanup tags by removing irrelevant tags, like “backup”)

    Then export/move the files into folders by selected tags, perhaps only “SchoolWork”.

  • Andrea
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    No, nothing like this… sorry

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