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    • kaung kyawzaw
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      Is there any way how to implement the nested tagging?

    • Andrea
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    • liyolen730
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      Thank  you for help!

      I am a novice programmer, and helped with the development of the site) https://www.slotozilla.com/free-slots

    • toggeler
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      I try tables 5.9.5

      From the Manual:

      <b>The tag “EULA” is nested inside the tag “Documents”: the files contained in “EULA” are (apparently) not tagged with the tag “Documents”. But if you browse the tag “Documents” you’ll also see the files contained in “EULA”.</b>

      but :

      I created “Documents” and did put some files in it. When I open the tag “Documents” I see at the right side these Files.

      Then I created the tag “Eula” in all categories. Then I put some Files in it. Is ok.

      Then I move “Eula” into “Documents” (by drag and drop). It is now under “Documents” (father). I can open “Eula” (child) and see these Files.

      But I can no more change to the “Documents” (father) and look at its content.

      I can change to any other tag in “All categories*, but from there I cannot not go to “Documents” (father). The chosen other tag stays. I can go to “Eula” (child) however and see the “Eulas” Files. I can also chose any other tag, only the “Documents” (father) is impossible.

      When I put “Documents” back to all categories it’s again possible to look into “Documents”

      What do I wrong?



    • toggeler
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      I got the answer from Andrea D’Intino:

      When you have a nested tag, in order to open the father, you have to right click on the father and click on “open tag” .


Viewing 4 reply threads
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