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  • rasty.g
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    Would it be possible to create a feature which shows ALL FILES contained in specific folder (also files in its subfolders) along with their TABBLES ? = "branch view" command in Total Commader.

    Let’s assume that:

    1) I have created new project folder called "100th PROJECT ".
    (This folder will contain all files associated with work on my 100th project categorized in some subfolders)

    2) Tabble "100th PROJECT" wasn´t created in order to:
    – minimize number of tabbles associated with project names (there are a lot of projects in my computer)
    – minimize number if categorized files
    – minimize number of automatic-rules assigning files

    3) Some subfolders of "100th PROJECT " folder contain files linked with tabble "important".

    If I want to see "important" files of "100th PROJECT", I have to check presence of "important" tabble in every subfolder of "100th PROJECT" folder.

    It would be great to enter "xxx" folder in Tabbles and to have possibility to see ALL FILES and ALL TABBLES associated with this folder and its subfolders without need to tag all these files with "xxx" tabble.

  • rasty.g
    Post count: 39

    This feature would be perfect alternative for categorizing of files when name of folder = name of tabble

    – there will be no need to manually create the tabble everytime I create the folder.
    – there will be no need to link its files with the tabble
    so I it will radically decrease number of categorized files.

  • Andrea
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    It took me a while to understand this and still I’m not sure I’m getting this completely, let me see:
    in reality what you want is seeing the whole content of a folder (it’s subfolders and files) in a flat list (as if they were all in the same folder) without needing to tag it with a tabble… and the reason is that you don’t want to create a tabble for just that folder.
    Dude, it’s a whole lot of work for us, plus it would make things even more complicated than what they are now…
    What about a fastest way to create a tabble? Like type in the the name, press enter and that’s it? Would that make your life easier?

  • rasty.g
    Post count: 39

    Yeah exactly….main reason would be not to have to manually create tabble everytime I create new folder (for example new project folder) also in order to reduce number of files linked with e.g. "new project" tabbles.

    If it’s complicated to create then my suggestion is really quite excessive, that’s true.

    Thanks for your answer

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