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  • RaphT
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    Hi there
    I’ve been using Tabbles for a couple of months now since I’ve finally decided to stop accumulating paper and needed a solution to properly organize everything electronically. Tabbles is by far the best free software available right now to do this : many thanks for making it available !
    There are a few features that I’d like to see, both simple and more complex ones.
    In the “simple” category, these 2 things would vastly improve user experience :
    – when browsing a given folder in Tabbles, show all the files including in subfolders that have not been tagged with tabble X (maybe this can be done right now but I wasn’t able to find a way)
    – a button to automatically remove all tags from all “not found” files

    In the more complex features, my use case is that I have a document folder (kind of “document root”) where I have created a folder tree structure that holds all the documents I need to sort :
    – I’d like to treat my folder’s tree structure as tabbles/subtabbles as it represents one dimension of the sorting I have adopted, just the same as the tabbles I have created. This is needed because the current way things work, you need to first browse for the right folder and only then combine with tables to find the files you need, whereas to be truly flexible, since the tree represents one dimension for sorting, you shouldn’t need to ask yourself which directory the file you are looking for is in.
    – And as a control freak bonus, I’d like to be able to specify one or more “document roots” like this so that Tabbles may not scan/tag/do whatever else outside those “root points”.

    Thanks anyway !

  • Andrea
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    Hello Ralph,

    thanks for your hints – all of  them make sense indeed. One thing, the “not found” file will soon be a memory from the past 🙂

    Would you like to help us testing the next version?

    Please write me at andrea at tabbles.net




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