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    • nislaw
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      Good day,

      In the manual, it says that the maximum tag count supported by the app is about 500. I understand that it’s the best practice to limit the tag count, but I need to catalogue a lot of scientific files, and for my purposes going beyond 500 is inevitable. If I can’t assign very specific tags to each file, the app wouldn’t be as useful to me.
      I was wondering if there is a way around this limitation. Say, I need to go beyond 1000. Is there anything I can do?
      Does the total number of tagged files affect the tag number limit? Say, if I never go beyond 10000 tagged files, does it mean that I can create more tags vs someone who has 100000 tagged files? Should I opt for higher certain hardware specs: like more RAM, or bigger SSD?
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    • Andrea
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      Hi nislaw,

      The 500 tags limite is a rule of thumb thing, you can probably get to 1000, but you’ll start feeling the slugginess.

      You may want to consider using comments on files, cause the comments are searcheable too in Tabbles.

      We even created a script to convert tags to to comments: https://tabbles.net/wiki/index.php?title=Tabbles_Manual_(EN)#Convert_tags_to_comments 

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