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  • brady747
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    I have never seen software i love so much, that appears highly sophisticated and niche, and yet the website seems so desolate. Are you guys still developing tabbles? Would it help if I emailed someone a list of website issues / 404s / dead links / grammar problems?????

    Just want to help because I want this software to succeed. Also, if you ever add support for tagging that can integrate with google drive (non-LAN non-VPN solution, obviously i can tag the files with tabbles via my PC, or on my VPN / LAN)…that would be amazing.

  • Andrea
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    No, we’re still here – even if we’re hiding a bit 🙂


  • brady747
    Post count: 3

    Excellent!!! 🙂  If I can help clean up the website by hunting down issues, or help in another way (besides financial) let me know!! Wish you guys success.



  • DrTeeth
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    Tabbles seems to be dead. Don’t even get a response from the devs to postings. getting close to the time to delete Tabbles – I don’t use abandonware.

    Such a shame.

  • skf_stefan
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    I have start using Tabbles for testing, I really like the program, and would like to introduce it for my working group, but the low visible activities worries me.

    What is status of the beta testing of Tabbles 3.0??

    When do you plan to release 3.0?

    Best Regards

  • Pieter van Heerden
    Post count: 1

    I agree with Stefan – there seems to be very little activity. Tighter integration into explorer has been promised for a while and is on the road map, but I fear development has halted….

    Unfortunately, for my purposes, having a separate explorer like interface is not sufficient – I need tighter integration with explorer / 3rd party file managers.

    With the existing product, I would have to adapt my workflow too much, making it more cumbersome (I manage my files and documents are for the most part using the excellent Total Commander).


  • DrTeeth
    Post count: 57

    I did hear that v3 was 50% complete. But that was some time ago from Andrea himself. Seems dead now, such a shame.

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