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  • halloween
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    First of all I really love the Tabbles application. Organizing my files never been easier.

    So coming to the point, I’m missing some simple features.

    1. I’m using side panel for navigating through my tabbles. It would make my life much easier if I could use a hotkey for combining/subtracting tabbles. Lets say if I shift click a tabble, It will combine and ctrl click will substract.

    2. When I launch Tabbles program, my side panel tabbles are collapsed. Everytime I do right click "Workspace" and "Expand all Children" (so boring :p) I’d like to have them always expanded.

    3. I’m missing a list view just like windows explorer’s. Small icons, more files.

    4. I’m resizing my side panel but it keeps resetting when I relaunch the app.

    5. Why is that "Internet address" tabble is undeletable? I’m not tagging any internet addresses and I should have the option to delete it. Or maybe at least move it outside of Workflow tabble.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  • Andrea
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    Hello there,

    good suggestions! Would you like to help us testing the next version?

    Please write me at andrea at



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