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    • wilsonch
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      If I have a folder with documents in it and autotag rules exist, if I open "MyFilename.doc" in the folder in Open Office "Writer", "Writer" creates a temp file with a name like ".~lock.MyFilename.doc#" Tabbles dutifully tags that file. When I close the file, the temp file goes away but the Tabbles entry remains and I have to delete it manually.

      My feature request is that Tabbles would not create the entry at all.

    • Avatar photonefycee
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      I want to add this req to my exclude-rule wish


    • Andrea
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      guys, you can do this with a regular expression! 🙂

      https://www.tabbles.net/wiki/index.php?t … xpressions

      If you can’t figure our how, let me know…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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