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  • Harald_Bro
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    Hello all!

    I updated now to the beta from tablles to test it for use in our company. Since the update i cannot autotag files stored on Network Folders. I´m not using the UNC-Path.

    If i use tabbles with autotagging for my local disk, everything works fine. Can you tell me whats the Problem? There is no error message and also if i create a new file in a tagged Folder, i cannot find this file in tabbles.

    thx for help!

  • Harald_Bro
    Post count: 2

    Looks like dfs is the Problem?

  • Maurizio
    Post count: 100

    Please note that, to tag files on network drives, you have to mount your networks drives, so that they have a drive letter assigned.

  • fansaihong
    Post count: 5

    So, How to mount the networks drives? I am using the QNAP. Thanks

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