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    • IT GLL
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      I need help setting up the following:

      If file name contains “[Pack” – autotag for “Packing List”

      If file name contains “OC” and does not contain INV autotag for “Orders”

      If file name contains “INV” autotag for “Invoices”

      I’ve tried using the fields for containing and not containing, and I still get the file tagged for the first condition even though it has both. Everything is in the file name

    • Andrea
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      Hi there,

      I recommend you use regular expressions for complex filtering:


    • Sergio
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      I was trying a rule, using regex, but with the “does not contain” field as well.
      Is there any know issue which they should not work together?

      I tested the rule with the “does not contain” field empty and works correctly. As soon as I fill with a word, then the same files are not tagged.
      None of the test files had the forbidden word.



    • George750
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      I have similar issue. I bought the Tabbles Pro license and started with autotagging whole my PC.

      There are some specific files that are automatically created by another programs every minute or few minutes. That are some temp files maybe. This file have same file name and is located in same folder. It should be easy to make exception in the autotagging rule. But it is not so easy or it is not working.

      I solved this partly by blacklist. But for some files I cant use blacklist because the blacklist is for whole folder not for certain file/files.

      For example:
      I am using NVR software fom my home security cameras. It is Genius Vision NVR. This program have the .dbx files on C:\ that are in no folder. For example file “C:\GeniusVision_EventDb.dbx” . There is 5 files and all of them have in the filename “GeniusVision_” . I need to exclude these files from the autotag rule.

      I have created auto-tagging rule “When a file is created in folder “C:\” or subfolder and the file name does not contain “GeniusVision_”, tag the file with “Files_on_C_drive”. ” . This rule not working. I am getting still popups like “C:\GeniusVision_EventDb.dbx-journal was tagged with “Files_on_C_drive“. ”

      What is wrong and how to do this simple rule with excluding some certain files?

    • Sergio
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      On my case, in the end for most of these cases, I created rules with regex.
      In regex we can add or exclude, but it’s not as straight forward, especially to read, as the other options.

      I still defend that if the “contains” and “does not contain” rules don’t work together, then maybe the interface could be improved.
      A radio button (or dropdown selector) to choose with the type of filter would make it clear only one can be used.

      The best would of course, that the it could take in account all of the options, and even better with a AND/OR option.

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