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      I need help setting up the following:

      If file name contains “[Pack” – autotag for “Packing List”

      If file name contains “OC” and does not contain INV autotag for “Orders”

      If file name contains “INV” autotag for “Invoices”

      I’ve tried using the fields for containing and not containing, and I still get the file tagged for the first condition even though it has both. Everything is in the file name

    • AvatarAndrea
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      Hi there,

      I recommend you use regular expressions for complex filtering:


    • AvatarSergio
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      I was trying a rule, using regex, but with the “does not contain” field as well.
      Is there any know issue which they should not work together?

      I tested the rule with the “does not contain” field empty and works correctly. As soon as I fill with a word, then the same files are not tagged.
      None of the test files had the forbidden word.



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