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  • Enrico
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    Maybe it could be possible to include a advanced mode in which after combining two or more tags the user can change the relationship amongst them and the files get sorted in-out according to the new settings.

    I explain better. When you combine the tags 2003 and 2004 the line appears on top:
    "You are now viewing files in tabble 2003 and in tabble 2004".

    I suggest to change the "and" part with a dropbox or something more fancy that could change it to other logic operators such "OR" and "NOT". The change could allow combinations as "You are now viewing files located in tabble 2003 or in tabble 2004" for the OR case and "You are now viewing files located in tabble 2003 not present in tabble 2004".

    I know the terminology used can be confusing to those that didn’t study set theory but it makes sense, probably makes more sense if avaiable only in "expert mode" so not to disconfort casual users of the program.

  • Andrea
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    Hello there,

    very good point:

    We’re currently implementing the NOT operator, it will be available within a month or so. We have also been considering the OR operator and we initially scrapped it. We might reconsider it and implement it if we see requests for it.

    Thanks for your feedback!


  • staley
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    Is there any plans of a scripting editor/environment for Tabbles? This might be the easiest way for "advanced" operators… but I fear it would have to be implemented in a careful way not to mess with the clean GUI.

  • Andrea
    Post count: 892

    Dear Andrew,

    Right now we’re testing a feature that we nicknamed "Minus", I guess you already understood what it is for 😀

    I’m talking about a logical operator performing a logical NOT in addition to the one that is already built-in, the logical AND a.k.a "Combine".



  • Maurizio
    Post count: 196

    The "not" operator, aka "minus", is implemented in 1.0.24, just released. See changelog ( for instructions.

  • mrdna
    Post count: 220

    Bumping this thread as I’d like to see the additional Boolean operators as well. The OR operator especially.

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