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    As a Tabbles Corporate user for a few months now, there are a few things that I think would improve Tabbles:

    1) Integrate a ‘search as you type’ feature: It is a hassle having to click the search bar to search through your tags. While not visually pleasing, Windows supports this natively within Windows Explorer.

    2) Add ability to sort tags by color: We are pilot testing Tabbles for our eLibrary, which is organized by topical area (one color) and file type (another color). Having these two Tabble types all meshed together makes finding things a little bit harder, though would be addressed by adding support for #1.

    3) Maintain file links, even for files that have been moved or renamed. I know this feature is in the making, but can’t emphasize the importance of this enough. Hopefully it comes soon!

    Thanks for the great software!


  • Andrea
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    Hello Marcus,

    thanks for your hints! Let’s see:

    1) how exactly would you like the search to work?

    2) you’ll need to elaborate this: by color = by the RGB value of the tabble? :O

    3) you’ll see this happening very soon 🙂


    Can we please continue this conversation per email? Please write me at andrea at tabbles.net




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