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1. Single click Tabbles (I normally use single click windows explorer)

2. Del key deletes things (rather then having to go to the Delete button in the menu)

3. Undo feature

4. Be able to apply subtraction automatically on certain extensions (i.e. temp files)

5. Create a more complete standard of tables for extensions.

(For example:
mp3, mod, mid, wav, wma, ogg, mp4a should all be assigned an AUDIO/MUSIC tabble,
avi, ogm, mkv, wmv, mp4, mov, etc should all be assigned to VIDEO tabble
Common Microsoft docs should all be assigned to DOCUMENT tabble)

I know some users will want to create their own or alter the defaults but i find it frustrating to have to create these.

MANY MORE features desired as I will testing TABBLES pretty extensively to see if it would benefit non-power users.
Many of the users I support need all the help they can get just to find the file they saved recently.
I’ve spent hours with them showing them how to use folders but still they lose track of their precious files.

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