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Hello there and welcome to the forum! 🙂

You’re raising indeed a very sensible point, and I’m happy to answer you a with straight YES :mrgreen:

What Tabbles Portable does is simply ignoring the drive letter. This was the easiest way for us to have it working whatever letter the USB is mounted on.
Therefore, if you’re moving your stuff to a new USB stick, Tabbles Portable won’t even notice it as long as the files are in the same position compared the root of the USB stick (at least as far as we’re sticking to this technology).

So, if your files are a in USB_stick_2GBmy_files, then you should move them to USB_stick_4GBmy_files and move Tabbles Portable too. Easy, isn’t it?

– wow, it’s so cool being able to give such a direct&happy answer for once! 🙂


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