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1.3.5 (on my 32-VISTA Machine) has really messed up my Vista ultimate machine.
Decided to reboot and much to my VERY pleasant shock, it booted normally so will be able to uninstall Tabbles 1.35!!!

If someone can tell me how to export event viewer files I will do that and then upload.
This (needless to say) is a CRITICAL problem! and has stopped me from further use of Tabbles.

Before the Uninstall I will create a system restore point…
Looks Like I am able to uninstall Tabbles 1.35 and will then reboot.
At least It does not appear that I will have to go to recovery mode.

The interesting piece of information is that the uninstall opened Firefox but Firefox said that it was not the default browser and asked if I wanted to change that. I believe Tabbles 1.35 changed the following:
1. Desktop
2. security access controls
3. Default browser to IE
4. I thought I was "current" on .net but I believe 1.35 installed some type of inet update and I believe it was an older version.

Currently rebooting and all seems OK…..

SUGGESTION to READERS. Do a Backup (or create a system recovery point) BEFORE updating Tabbles!
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