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I don’t know if this applies at all, but I’m seeing intermittent slow-downs in redraws, sometimes to the point where one or all of the windows show as not responding (and go black) for a few to several seconds at a time. There -is- a definite lag in response when tagging and, more often than not, a significant lag (2-plus seconds) when creating a new tabble in the quick-tag window.

Thinking it might be related to memory I opened the task mgr and ran Tabbles through a few tests. (haven’t done it in a while) What I found:
Tabbles at boot – 75-110k (about what it’s been for several versions)
file window open – 120-150k (also about what I’ve seen before)
quick-tag open – 180-200k (a little high, but not out of the ordinary)
adding tabbles in quick-tag – 180-350 (!)
creating new tabble – 200-500k (!!)

I don’t know why the wide variation in RAM use, but lag does go up the higher RAM used. (I know – duh, mrdna…) I did see the program give up RAM several times; there were several drops from about 300k to 180k or so when playing in the quick-tag window, but some RAM seems to be retained (?).

Right now Tabbles is minimized and using around 310k. Before I closed the program to reboot it and collect this data it was up over 400k!

((Just did another quick-tag – ram use up over 400k during, back down and steady at 370k. quick-tag again, ram down and steady at 290k. oy…))

Hope this helps.

(vista64, AMD 2.2ghz dual, 4g RAM, 7200rpm sata)

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