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"Maurizio" wrote: Hi, I’m coding this right-now, as explained in this blog post. I expect it to be ready on monday.

I feel that the removal of the catogories has greatly reduced the usability of the program.

The ability to store and retrieve large amounts of information requires that we can group these into easly recognised clusters. For your programme to be of use in storing large numbers of files in many folders we need to be able to rapidly drill down through the groupings to get to what we want. Why your program is useful is that we can have files stored in multiple groups and approach it from different directions.

Having removed the "catogories" you have limited us a two dimensional layout with things just lumped on colour. A very primitive system which would only be of use for a limited number of files. As I am partially colour blind this is probably more restrictive in my case then others. But probably starts to become unmanagable sith about 1000 items (i.e. folders).

I would like to see catogories bought back as soon as possible and consideration be given for the inclusion of subcatogories, to provide aditioal options for classifing my files.


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