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1) What is wrong with using colours. There is nothing "wrong" with using colours, works fine, it is just a slightly different system. But I prefered the catogories, because I could open and close them to have the tabbles I wish to work on in the screen and everything else instantly set aside. I liked the boundary around the different catogories. I liked folders and subfloders automatically being assigned to a catogery.

2) Meant to say my tables lost their old categories i.e. as far as I can see Version 1.1.7 does not have categories in it and the old ones no longer exist.

3) My desire to have hierarchical categories is probably because I have not yet got around to adding all tags to my files. Having given it great consideration I see no need for a hierarchical categories providing all files are fully taget. What I am doing is establishing a classification simmilar to the structure of my folder hierarchial system on the hard disc (which I have developed over 20 years) and then moving to the multiveriable tabbles classification, which I see as the easy way of converting.

4) My use of tabbles is in a great state of flux at present I have 15 colours. But am regrouping these and deleting some and adding new as I see advantages in Tabbles compared to my old totally hierarchical ystem. Also I have 8 major file groupings in my folder system. I have only added 3 fo these to tabbles so far. I can see that for it to replace my present system it will be very complex. Perhaps I am trying to use tabbles for too much.

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