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"Andrea" wrote: you can already sort the files in different ways, you can access it by clicking on the triangle on the file panel:
did you find this out already? Are you sure that a random sorting is what you need?

Yes I had found that.

I do not need the random file sort but I would like it.

At present I have established a tabble based on a basic category and am now subdividing these I have tabbles that contain hundreds of files. I do not wish to have my working on the files biased by only having those files starting with ABC processed or those that have only recently been added or those that were added a long time ago. I would prefer to work through the files randomly.

The way I am working is that I have a Tabble eg "Blue" with files related to one category and another table "Not Processed"

I have a display of files with the tabbles "Blue" & "Not Processed" displayed I then take a file and process it, then remove the link to "Not Processed". I was finding that by scrolling down and selecting the files randomly when the screen refreshed after removing the link to "Not Processed" I was back at the top of the list. I would then have to return to the approximate place I was at, which I found annoying. This is agrevated because I find scrolling in Tabbles "kludge" though greatly improved from the first version I was using.

I envision that I will often be setting up Tabbles with a large number of files I wish to process in the future and repeating this excerise and it would be nice to think that I can select files randomly.

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