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Hello Fitzalon

Hi, I pleased to tell you that those nasty crashes I was having before have been remedied when I installed v1.2.0. I posted them in your bug forum that is now blocked. Unfortunately, my license has also disappeared, or this version doesn’t see it. I completely uninstalled the previous version, so I imagine that the license was erased also. Is that true?

Your GOTD license should work fine with the 1.2.0 but it shouldn’t with the following releases. So the behaviour you’re reporting should happen if you installed the latest beta (1.2.1 beta-something). We decided to stop giving updates to the GOTD license holders also as we found out (with no surprise…) that the GOTD serial number is spread around the web as a pirate serial (plus we are not bound to give upgrades to the GOTD users at all… :geek: )

Check this web page: your serial number is still there, but it won’t work starting from the 1.2.1… if you downgrade to 1.2.0 it should work just fine.

If you want to keep upgrading, you’ll need a regular license, which you can obtain buy helping us as stated in this post or by buying it (and since you’ve been here for a while, we can offer your a discount 🙂 )

best regards,


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