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hello again!

"mkayi" wrote: I’d like to add one thing I have been thinking of:

there is one condition under which empty results of tabble combinations could be useful. That is, if you could save tabble combinations.
In Evernote, you can tag notes and combine these tags with search terms (sounds familiar…? 😉 ) and then you can save these searches. For example, I stored a search for notes with unchecked to-do items and the tag "Blogging".

The result list of saved searches always varies and an empty result can be a good result (especially with to-do lists… 😆 )

Saved searches in Tabbles (I haven’t found them, do they exist?) could be really useful. The result list for a tabble with an auto-tag rule does change when a file is added, e.g., but an automatically changing result list of a tabble combination (say, "marketing", "videos" + search term "uncompressed" in the file name) would be great.

Just a thought.

I guess I should move this 2 messages on a different forum (the Feature request ones). Anyway, quickly, it seems to me you’re fusing 2 things together:

1) To-do list, notes and "on-off toggle" tabbles: those are valuable features that we’ll look into (one day… )

2) "Saved Searches": personally I’m not a fan of saved searches, I believe they make sense in twitter (and in search engines) but a bit a less into a management tool like Tabbles… Consider that we already have a list of "Recent", plus the equivalent of a saved search can be in some case created with a rule applied to the whole disk (this one is still limited though…we’d need to add the possibility to write "if the files are in this tabble then add them to this other tabble)…I’m thinking out loud here, but I guess can see your point

Thanks for the hint, I’ll write it down!

(Yes, I’m moving this in the Feature request forum)


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